Landhotel Aschenbrenner

Recreational activities

Around our hotel we can offer you any kind of leisure activities, be it sportive, cultural or health related.

If you have any questions about reservations or general queries, you can reach us by phone on +49 9621 78283-0 or by e-mail .



Amberg Old Town

Amberg captivates with its medieval town centre and at the same time presents itself as a modern town with a wide range of cultural offerings. A variety of events invite you to enjoy culinary and cultural delights.



The Amberg-Sulzbach area offers distinctive routes for your cycling holiday. The diverse mix of vast forests, rocky landscapes, rivers and streams makes the region popular as a cycling destination.



Quality hiking trails, such as the Erzweg, promise pure hiking pleasure. With its varied and impressive natural scenery, the area is an insider's tip for a hiking holiday.



Amberg Air Museum

Situated on the most beautiful square in Amberg, the 14th century building - appropriately named "Engelsburg" - offers three floors of unique showrooms on the subject of air.